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Our Vision

We the Zimbabwe Community Association aim to Promoting Identity Culture and Stronger Community through community projects and events focused on reaching out to people.

We aim to bring life to the entire South Yorkshire Community from Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster and surrounding areas. 


To support and empower the community by educating, training and rendering services for Community integration.

To support celebrate the potential in our Youth and also empower them.

Our aim is to promote equality and diversity by discussing issues that will help integrate Zimbabweans with other ethnic groups in South Yorkshire and beyond.

Not only to promote the Zimbabwean culture but to learn about other cultures and promote unity and peace amongst Zimbabwean living in South Yorkshire and beyond. Zimbabwe is rich in culture and we aim to showcase our cultural heritage as well as be part of Britain’s multi-cultural society.

We aim to liaise with other Zimbabwe Associations in UK, to learn the British culture and promote laws and order within the society.

Our Community Service Program incites a zest for learning and exploration, and participants leave feeling fulfilled and inspired. Ready to take part in the action? Come join us for your next adventure.

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